Friday, December 02, 2011

Christmas Card Outtakes

I finished our 2011 Christmas Card this afternoon!
Phew! Feels good to have that out of the way.
We actually had 3 different photo sessions for this years card.
The first one was our fall family picture. However, I decided it wasn't "Christmasy" enough.
Then I had a better, more creative idea.
That fell through due to hungry girls. Forced Smiles and Crankiness were on the lunch menu that day.
So, we went with individual pictures, and I picked the best out of each of those.
Here are a few that I thought were cute, (some cuter than others...) but didn't make the cut.


Shelby Shinkle said...

Glad to know it is not just us that has a hard time with family photos! Ha! I got our Christmas cards ordered last night, thanks to you for the pics!

meg said...

Hahaha I love Matt!