Sunday, December 11, 2011

the quest for the perfect chocolate chip cookie

Everyone loves a good chocolate chip cookie. I know people have preferences of whether they like it crispy, chewy, cakey, etc, everyone loves a good cookie.

My preference for a chocolate chip cookie is, soft and chewy, with a very slight bit of crisp on the bottom. I like them pretty thick, with lots of chocolate chips. I like Subway"s cookies, but they are on the thin side. Remember  The Great American Cookie Company in the food court at the mall? Superb flavor in a cookie, but they were loaded with Waaaaaaay to much icing, and were very greasy.

I am on a quest to find the best chocolate chip cookie recipe.
I understand the word "best" is relative, as people like different things in a cookie. But I want to find my "best". A girl in our Bible Study has a pretty good cookie. Closest I have ever come to perfect in taste, texture and appearance. She shared the recipe with me, but the cookie didn't turn out like hers do. She is doing something I'm not...
Last week I did some research. I may be getting in over my head with this, as there is so much chemistry involved in the baking. I researched baking soda, as opposed to baking powder. Oven temperatures. Shortening vs butter vs margarine. Whether to sift the flour, or scoop the flour. Oh sheesh, it's starting to overwhelm me just typing it.

I googled the words "best chocolate chip cookie" and several results came up, however, in doing a comparison, 5 out of 6 recipes I pulled up were exactly the same. Interestingly though, in reading the reviews of the recipe that was the same, the results were still different. Some peoples were flat, others were very cakey, some right in the middle. Well, I want to find out why some were flat and others were very cakey, and some right in the middle.

I tried the basic recipe, ending up with these:

How embarrassing.

The perfectionist in me didn't want to post this picture.

The flavor and texture of this cookie was great. But they were too flat.
I may try the recipe again, but raise the cooking temperature of the oven, and shorten the cooking time, to keep them from spreading so much.

Stay tuned for this adventure, as I'll keep you updated on my findings, and hopefully be able to one day share a recipe with you that has all the qualities of a great cookie.

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