Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's a......

Remember the "pet" we had a few weeks ago?
We discovered today it became a butterfly!

We went to clean the girls' room today. (room didn't get cleaned due to this distraction)
Audie said, "Corinne! You have a butterfly!"

I was so surprised. I was sure the little guy had died.
(guy? I mean...girl...I mean...whatever it is. It seems it should be a boy when it is a caterpillar, and a lady after it hatches. We'll refer to it as a boy caterpillar, and a lady butterfly. mmmkay?)
I had done my research and everything I read said it takes about two weeks for the change to happen. So it sat on the kitchen counter for two weeks. One week longer than I like things to sit on my counter.
I about gave up on it, cause I was tired of looking at it. I told Brenda (she had found the caterpillars for us) that I was going to "let it go." She told me to hold out. So I moved the jar to the girls room- and a few days later... TA_DAAAAA!!!
I'm so proud.

Totally wish we would have caught the emerging process to watch it, but that's okay!

She stayed still long enough for me to snap lots of pictures!
So beautiful.


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