Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Over the weekend

We have had a great last 4 days. Matt had some vacation time to use up, so he was off work Monday and Tuesday. We had thoughts about "getting away", but were not able to find plane tickets cheap enough, and we weren't able to find someone to keep Corinne and Audra.
I'm glad we actually ended up staying home though, because we made some great memories as a family and got a lot accomplished around the house.
I decided to carry my camera around with us, and all of our excursions-
Here's what we did the last 4 days!

Our fence has been a horrid mess the last few months. The crazy wind has taken it's toll and we had to replace it. Matt rebuilt the fence door, with the help of Audie.

We have a new pet.
This pet is temporary, and unnamed- but we (okay, I guess only Matt and I) have been fascinated with it.

 Our friend Brenda had found two caterpillars in her garden, and passed them along to Corinne and Audie. Audie's didn't make it, but Corinne's thrived, and made himself into a little cocoon! I remember watching this process in elementary school, but I guess as an adult I appreciate it a lot more.
Matt got a little bit of the cocoon making process on video, which I'll post later.
The little guy ate and ate and ate and ate...
and ate some more.

and this is him in his little cocoon!

I have really been into capturing "life's moments" on camera, instead of posed photography. You'll probably start to see a lot more pictures like this one:

Yesterday, we went bowling.
Yours truly:

more "life" pictures

I married him because of his nice butt.

 I love the expressions Audie gives.

Little Selah took a nap, and then hung out in her carseat.

Among some of the other things we did, were some visits to some friends, some baking in the kitchen and carved a pumpkin.
Selah watched from her throne...

the final product!

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