Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A few weeks ago, I had an incredible opportunity to be a part of a deployment homecoming.
My friend Trina asked me to photograph it. At first we thought it wasn't going to work out, due to the possibility of him coming home in the middle of the day, and not having someone to watch the girls.
But it was so cool to see everything work out in our favor, Matt was home the day Trevor returned home from overseas, and I was able to tag along to experience/photograph what happens.

It felt so weird to have the knowledge that soldiers/airmen are coming home daily from serving our country and no one even knows. Though it's not realistic, I felt like time should stop for everyone to acknowledge and applaud their service as they are coming off the plane.

This definitely changed my view of the process.

 The picture above is one of my favorites...this was the first view Trina had of Trevor in 3 months.

 This moment was so priceless. Wes laid his head down on his daddy's shoulder.

Follow the link to Trevor and Trina's blog post about this.
Trevor's descriptions are much funnier than mine. You're sure to enjoy it.

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Lauren Snodgrass said...

Such special memories! Beautiful pics, Jenny!