Saturday, October 29, 2011

Family Pics

We have been long overdue for some family pics. The last picture we took of all 5 of us was when I was in a hospital bed hours after delivering Selah. It's crazy how the kids change so much, and it seems like even after a few months the picture is "outdated" due to changes in the kids appearances.

I think this was the fastest photo shoot I have ever been a part of. It was really like 5 minutes, max. It does drive me bonkers that I can't be the photographer of my own pictures, but what can ya do?
The photo below fits the bill of what we set out to do.

 Sometimes I feel like I will look back and not be in any pics with my kids, since I am usually the one taking all of the pictures. So handing the camera off to a friend is nice.
Especially to be included in some of the candid photos below.

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