Monday, July 04, 2011


4th of July weekend isn't over yet, but I wanted to post several of the pictures from the weekend so far...
We went to see Matt's parents Friday and Saturday. The highlight of this trip was the swimming pool, complete with dives and waterslides!

I posted lots of pictures, because the progressions of these photos are hilarious. We go from thrill, to scare, to thrill again. All in a matter of seconds. Take a look--- You may want to click on each individual photo to see their expressions a little better.

ready, set, go!

still a lot of fun, but dad is giving me a wedgie!
I'm flying!


(blech, cough cough, blech)

(hack, cough cough)
then it was my turn

that was fun!

and on a rather icky note, Corinne smashed her finger in the car door. Good thing grandma Joyce is a nurse and works for a hand surgeon!! After a trip to see the doc, we found that she fractured her growth plate. She has been in a "cast" for the last week.

We bought purple finger nail polish to match the thumb that turned purple.

Stay tuned for more photos of the weekend, we are headed to our 4th of July party in a couple of hours. Until next time!

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