Monday, July 11, 2011

This, That, and a Lie

So, I lied. I told you that I would have lots more 4th of July pictures, and I don't. I'm sorry and I know you all will forgive me.
I did get two pictures, both of which I never want my father to see. Him being a fireman, I would never hear the end of it with him knowing my kids lit fireworks...because we never did them as kids either, right dad?

4th of July was fun, we went to our friends' house and enjoyed bbq with our small group.

July 2nd came and went, and Selah turned 2 months!
Notice the double chin below? Selah is toppin' the charts in the 93rd percentile in her weight.
Even though most of that is brain, she is bigger than her other two sisters were at her age. Corinne and Audie were always under 10 percent. I"m interested to see how she will change the next couple of months.
We're getting plenty of smiles and coos from her!

and finally, a picture of me and Corinne. She wanted to do something special with me yesterday, and she suggested that we take a picture together.
Let me tell you, Corinne has turned into the sweetest little girl around. She is gentle and does everything she can to please. She follows me around everywhere...and I mean everywhere. But as she follows she helps me, and talks to me, and asks me questions.
I love my girls.

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