Tuesday, July 26, 2011


This has been an incredible summer. We have been better than ever, our little family of 5 is enjoying each other, and we couldn't be more blessed.
Here's a little of what we have been doing the last couple of weeks...
Our church had a pool party, and it was Selah's first trip to the pool! She turned heads in her pink swimsuit.
Last week, we had a missionary family that we support over for dinner. I cannot begin to tell you how much of an encouragement they were. The wife, Tina, was so incredible- lively, energetic, encouraging, loving...I could go on and on. I had never met them before (Matt knew them from his church in KC), but we hit it off. It was crazy how alike Tina and I are. Same interests, same passions, we both married engineers... :) They are the kind of people you feel like you have known forever, and hope that you are as warm and as much of a blessing as they.
After dinner, we treated them to Orange Leaf!
Our girls, and their two kids, Madelynn and Ben played so well together. I wish we could be neighbors with them! They are so great.
...and some family fun washing the car.

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