Tuesday, June 21, 2011

boots and umbrellas

We got a good 20 minute storm yesterday evening. It made good puddles by the curb for the girls to play in.

Something totally weird happened this morning.
Background: Corinne is at VBS. Audie is here in the guest bedroom with me doing a puzzle. Selah is upstairs on my bed sleeping.
The monitor is just outside the guest bedroom, and I thought I heard a baby crying. So I stepped outside the room to put an ear to see if I heard right.
Then I heard "Da da!" in the monitor.
Okay, at this point I am totally creeped. Either Selah is a prodigy child and saying "da da", or a kid is in my house, and I can hear them talking through the monitor.
My heart is racing.
I listen some more, and then I hear a mom say, "brush your teeth!".
Our baby monitor is picking up someone else's monitor.
Phew! That scared me!
I listened in to be entertained for a while. :)

We'll be switching baby monitor channels. I sure don't want anyone eaves dropping on our conversations!!

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Shelby Shinkle said...

Adorable photos!