Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Photographing Bees

I had a very cool experience this evening...photographing bees. Friends of ours are starting their own bee farm...uhh, raising bees...uhh, becoming bee keepers?...whatever you call it! They asked me to take pictures of them putting the bees into the hives. (some 20,000 bees were ordered)

But it was very cool, and the process was very interesting. The queen had to be retrieved from the "make-shift" hive, and placed in her new home. Then through a process, the rest of the colony was dumped out into it's new home. Believe it or not, only one bee sting happened (besides Charlie the dog getting stung).
This will be a post with A LOT of pictures, I actually took over 200 photos, but here are my favorites.
**click on some of the pictures to enlarge them- the pictures posted as is are too small to appreciate the detail!**

This jar of honey is not part of their bees, but it was on the counter and I thought it looked cool. And my sweet little Audie is in the photo too :)

Pretty cool! It was fun to take pictures of an event that doesn't happen every day!


Jason said...

That is so cool!! I've always been intrigued with beekeepers. Did you have to wear a fun, white suit too?

Love the pics!

Lauren Snodgrass said...

Sorry...the above post was from me. :) Didn't realize Jason was signed in! :)