Sunday, April 17, 2011

Maternity Pictures

This afternoon we went out and took a few belly shots. My mother has been hounding me about needing these pictures for the baby book, so.... that's what we did.
I have to say: Ma, you do a lot of things very well. But photography ain't one of 'em.
Granted, trying to get two kids to look into a camera is NOT easy, I got frustrated VERY quickly, and it was QUITE windy. So, I'll give it to you that you didn't do too bad of a job considering the conditions. Thank you mother, for not taking pictures of the lady walking her dog, the squirrels in the street, or that beautiful fountain in the lake. (those of you who have browsed through my mom's pictures will know exactly what I am talking about)
I think there is at least one good one for the baby book, here are the best ones.

Don't forget to put in your vote as to when you think the baby will be born! Sex, Date, and time!


tntashour said...

I think you were a little judgmental b/c of your photography skills... I thought the pictures were great!

And, I've never cast my vote.

Boy (I'm sticking to it!), April 29, 11:00 am.

Shelby Shinkle said...

I think they are lovely, Jenny! You look so pretty!

My vote: Boy, April 27, 10:38 am. Good luck!

tntashour said...

Wierd, Shelby's vote is exactly 2 days and 2 minutes different than mine...

Lauren Snodgrass said...

You look beautiful, Jenny! I think these pics are awesome. You will be so happy that you have them! :)

Shelby Shinkle said...

It is weird, I didn't even read yours before posting! :)