Wednesday, March 02, 2011

spring cleaning and an update

It's March, that means it's time for spring cleaning for me! It always feels so good to be able to open the windows and dust, vacuum the baseboards, etc. I usually do it over a week or two's time, one room a day so I don't get overwhelmed! But it's perfect timing for my nesting phase too, while I don't feel like I need to "nest", I am still making accomplishments for our home to be ready for the new one!

I started with our master bedroom and ended up doing a little mini update to the room. We had a Ficus tree in one of the corners, and my friend Trina (the interior decorator) reminded me that the tree was outdated, and our bedroom wasn't "me". I agreed with her, so decided to get rid of the tree.

Several weeks ago the fitted sheet on our bed got a small hole in it...I put off buying new sheets as they are not cheap! Well, the hole got bigger and bigger and bigger, and it was time to bite the bullet to get new sheets!

So we purchased new sheets, and I made these little terrariums to hang from the ceiling in place of the tree. I am so happy with the little terrariums, I filled 4 of them with "air plants" and the other 3 with ferns. And best of all, the entire project was less than $35 bucks!

I also bought two new throw pillows from Wal-Mart with a gift card I had from Christmas.
No major changes, but a nice update, and I love the feeling of a clean room, new sheets, and

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tntashour said...

decorator??? decorator??? you disgust me!!!!


but seriously...interior designer next time, jenny, come on...I have an education.


The room looks great! I love it! I love the little glass balls and the pillows. It has a fresh, crisp new look to it!