Monday, March 21, 2011


I can't believe March is almost over. This month has flown by very quickly. I don't mind, the faster time flies, the faster I get to see our little baby!
We have been doing some house projects. Matt started to paint the outside of our house...we started last fall but it turned cold too quickly to finish. Looking forward to the house looking fresh. I am hoping we will finish before the baby arrives...we should be able to...any takers on helping out? ;)

Last fall we killed a bunch of weeds in our yard, so yesterday we reseeded. I hope the grass will grow in nicely! Watering it is like taking care of a baby...keeping it moist, but not too moist, watching it carefully...

Trina has begun work on the baby room. The door is closed, and I have not seen it except for a few remnants of paint color that were on Audie's finger from brushing up against the wall. Trina assured me that there was another color, and I would still be surprised. Looking forward to the final product.

Our baby is named! We have come to a conclusion on both a boys and girls name. Phew! I am relieved!

Six and a half more weeks to go until we meet the little one! I am quite ready. My belly is plenty big, and I am plenty tired of being preggo. The six weeks are fine though, I have quite a long list of things to accomplish before there is another addition.

And finally, and little picture of Audie...cause what is a blog post without a picture?

until next time!

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tntashour said...

or the paint you saw when Matt left the door open. Or what you saw when I left the door open....sheesh, it's harder to keep it a surprise than I thought!