Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Baby's room

We are still getting things rearranged around the house. There are a few more things to do before the girls room is finished, but the crib is moved out and Audie is in a regular bed.
My friend Trina, who is an awesome interior designer asked if she could decorate the baby's room for me. I quickly said yes!! It totally takes a load off my shoulders and puts my mind at ease with not having to worry about what to do in that room.

I went through her box of Sherwin Williams paint chips (every color under the sun) and gave her a few choices of a color direction, and the rest is her free reign! She is having me do a few sewing projects for the room, so technically I still have a hand in putting it together.

The picture above is part of a fabric she has picked out for me to re cover the rocking chair with. I absolutely love it! I would have walked right past this in the fabric store as I usually go for colors that are dark. The actual background color of this is a "celery green". It is so light and fresh, and perfect for a baby's room! I am quite excited about it.

The best part of this is the element of surprise. We have agreed that once she gets started, that room will stay closed until it is finished! She will add boy or girl touches while we are at the hospital.

Can't wait to see this room put together, can't wait to have a room in the house that has someone else's name to it (a name of style i trust :) ), and can't wait to have the baby in it! I am so blessed by my friend Trina, she truly is a gift from God! The past year of knowing her has been such a blessing and I"m happy to have her in my life.

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