Sunday, January 02, 2011

Christmas 2010 and a project update

Christmas was quite enjoyable this year. After a little celebration at my mom and dad's on Christmas eve, we had a lazy relaxing day on Christmas at home. We woke up, I made some pancakes for breakfast, and then we let the girls open their presents. The rest of the day consisted of playing with the toys, a movie, and then dinner out with my mom. I didn't do a real good job of having the camera out this Christmas season, so there are not many pictures.

After church on Sunday, we headed to KC to be with Matt's family for a few days. We had fun there and we even got to eat at Chic-fil-A! Yay!
After coming back and settling down a bit, John and Suz, Nick and Kara, my uncle, aunt and cousins came to celebrate New Years with us. We had a good time playing board games, Wii bowling, and visiting. We always enjoy their company as they are easy going and fun to be with! I look forward to time with them every year.
When we were in Nebraska this last fall, my uncle was working on cleaning out my grandpa's storage shed. My grandpa used to be an awesome craftsman and make everything from clocks to rocking horses to tables. There were about 5 planks of walnut wood in the storage shed that I really wanted to have! I wasn't sure what I would do with it, but I think it's cool to have that little bit of "legacy", so we hauled it back with us.
Last year when I went to Seattle with Matt, I saw this cool fire place in an Anthropologie Store:
I really fell in love with it and stowed it away in the back of my mind to try to mimic in our house if/when we ever had the right house for it.
But I thought I would be able to use this wood from my grandpa to make something similar. I decided to make it into a headboard. I had the wood planed and cut into varying strips, hoping for the best since I didn't really have a plan.(side note: Matt informed me yesterday that I am a "picture person". I see something I like, and expect it to be done somehow, and in someway. He told me that there is "more to projects and building than just thinking something will puzzle piece together easily." Ok, yeah, whatever. That's why I married the engineer, I he can do these things for me.)
Anyway, I brought my pieces of wood into the basement and did some measuring of how wide and tall I would want this headboard to be.
After doing a general measurement, I went back out to the garage and found some OSB, penciled the measurments on the OSB, and got out Matt's Skil saw. I sad a prayer, and began cutting.
Ali was there to help me carry the big piece back in and we began laying out the pieces of the walnut onto the OSB.
We kept going in rows, exchanging pieces around here and there until it fit right. There obviously was some overhang, but I knew I could cut those pieces off at the end.
Amazingly, we got all the pieces to fit perfectly from top to bottom, with one plank of wood left to spare! We then went back and glued each plank on the OSB with gorilla glue and waited for it to dry.We then carried the project to the ping pong table so we could cut off the overhang on each side. And I made a big boo boo. I didn't keep the saw straight and sawed towards the middle of the headboard. Luckily, I caught what I was doing and only went into the headboard by about an inch. Luckily, it was totally salvageable! At that point I called in the expert (our good friend Jeff) and he came and made the repair for me cutting the end in a straight line. Phew!

A few days later, Ali came back with Amanda to help me put the finishing touches on the headboard. Some edging, and polyurethane to bring out the beautiful walnut color!!
I just love these girls!!

And here is the finished project!! It isn't hung on the wall yet, for now it is just resting on top of the bed frame. It will actually hang higher on the wall for more wood to be exposed.
I am so pleased with how it turned out! And I love that I was able to take some of my grandpa's wood and make it into something that I can keep as long as I am on this earth. I hope he will be proud of me.
I do have to say that these pictures don't do the color of this wood justice. The color is much more deep and dark...I guess that's what you get with florescent lighting and an unedited picture.

I will post more pictures (and better ones) when the room is completely finished. I can't show you the entire room yet, as I am still waiting on an accent chair and picture for the wall to be delivered via Fedex. I also need to have Matt's dad help me install two sconces that will hang over the headboard. They are coming here in a few weeks, so after that I will show you the entire room.
And to finish off this long post, a picture of my sweet Audie in the skirt she wears nearly every day.


Lauren Snodgrass said...

What an awesome headboard!! Such a neat idea!

Crystal said...

Love it! It turned out just like I pictured it. Great job! Want to come build one for Austin?