Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Thanksgiving weekend

Sorry for the delay, kids. Better late then never though, right?
Here are pictures from our Thanksgiving weekend.

We celebrated Thanksgiving at home this year. Matt's parents, and my parents came for lunch, also a friend of ours, Mary. It was my first time cooking a turkey, and I was happy with the results! It was a good meal.
Below is a picture of the turkey being brined in Bourbon and other spices.

I think Ma was getting something out of the oven. Otherwise I'd wonder...

The Thanksgiving table, and the kids table

That's me and Mary pulling off the turkey to put in bags to freeze.

After all of our company went home, we put up the Christmas trees! The girls' tree is downstairs, and the pretty tree is upstairs. The girls had fun putting their ornaments on the tree- but now they won't stop touching them (and Zona too)!
Funny picture of Corinne- Funny how the light turned out just right on her lips.

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