Monday, December 06, 2010

Over the weekend

Phew! What a weekend. Friday night was my sisters baby shower, Saturday was family pictures for the Christmas card, and a carnival at Matt's work, and Sunday was church and my nephews 2nd birthday party!! Hardly any room to relax, but everything we did was a lot of fun and the girls got their fill of junk food. Here are a few pictures of the carnival we went to.

The girls got to be put inside a bubble! This guy has been around awhile. I remember being put inside a bubble by him when I was in elementary school.
The carnival was perfect! There were many rides for the girls to go on, and all the rides let the girls "slip" past the 36" rule. (you had to be at least 36" to ride). So little Audie got to go on them too, she had a blast.

A clown named "Troubles" was there to make balloon animals. After nearly a 30 minute wait in line, we came out with a reindeer and a killer hat.

Free Hotdogs, chips, cookies and pop for dinner, a bag of popcorn for a snack, and it made this evening wonderful! I think it is awesome that we have events like this to go to for free instead of dropping a hundred bucks at a theme park.

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