Thursday, December 02, 2010

Kids Are Parrots

We are having a problem with things being "repeated" around here.

The girls are not to say "oh my gosh" or the like.
Instead, we suggest they say, "oh my word" or "oh my stars".

But I think for the sake of saying the words they repeat it when someone says it.
"Mom, she said 'stupid'"
Obviously saying it just to say that specific word.

Other times, its a little bit funny....

For some reason, Corinne called Matt "Big Boy" last night.
He didn't get on to her, but he suggested that she call him "dad" instead.
When it was time for baths, Audie went up the stairs on her own- and from the top of the stairs we heard her say "Come on, Big Boy!"

It's quite a responsibility for us as parents knowing that kids hear everything we say. Hopefully we can use our tongues to serve good instead of slander and useless talk.

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