Sunday, December 19, 2010

25 Things I Love About My Wife (In No Particular Order)

1. Is one great cook. She feeds me well, and can master what she puts her mind to and isn't afraid to try new things.
2. Likes the unique. She appreciates things out of the ordinary that other people may not look twice at.
3. Loves giving gifts. I see her baking something for someone all the time.
4. Keeps our house in order
5. Is a great hostess and loves having others over and opening up our home.
6. Loves a nerd even when he's really nerdy.
7. A great mom, she really loves our kids and is built as one of the best stay-at-home moms
8. Is a Survivor and The Office fan and will watch the shows with me
9. Uses her musical talents for Christ
10. Isn't afraid to speak up and give her opinion on something
11. Makes it easy for me to know where to take her out to eat, (Outback of course!)
12. Is one hot mama! I married way out of my league and she's a 10 in my book.
13. Has developed into a great photographer, just has that natural ability and eye for a good shot.
14. Has some very cute curly hair.
15. She knows how to sew! She's made some awesome things for herself and the girls, and some great halloween costumes.
16. She is dedicated and committed to what she says she's going to do. You can count on her to be somewhere if she says she will be there.
17. She is the fastest texter I know
18. She does all the grocery and clothes shopping, the two things I most dread!
19. Is very conscious of finances and will be content with what she has, will shop thrifty, and use coupons!
20. Is such a trooper when I'm sick and takes great care of me and the girls.
21. Have you seen a cuter pregnant woman?
22. Will ask for a late night snack, and allows me to justify a shake at 9:00 at night
23. She makes sassy cool.
24. She loves me for who I am, or in spite of what I do may be a better description.
25. She keeps up a great blog so all our family and friends can keep up with us!



Matt & Jenny said...

Thank you Matthew. :) You make me smile.

Lauren Snodgrass said...

That was so sweet!! I think I'd have to bribe my hubby to write such nice things!

tntashour said...

That was sooooo sweet. Just about brought tears to my eyes. And, Jenny, some of those reasons are what I love about you too ;) haha