Monday, November 15, 2010

Over the weekend

This weekend ended up being pretty full. We finished a lot of home projects this weekend, which feels nice. Being so busy, my regular cleaning/housework got neglected, so that's what I will start on this morning.
But I finished painting the computer armoire. I'm pretty satisfied with how it turned out, however next time I refinish a project that big, I think I am going to attempt to spray paint it instead. There are some brush strokes that can be seen that may have been avoided if it had been sprayed. But Oh well, lesson learned. It will definitely serve the purpose I have intended it to.
Matt and Keenan installed new windows in our living room and kitchen this weekend. Those boys worked very hard and did a great job! I am quite excited to sit on the couch by the window to read and not feel a draft.
We ran into a bit of excitement when they were removing the last window and it shattered...

Audie was sitting nearly below it, but luckily didn't get hurt. I quickly carried the girls out of the room and we started cleanup.

Last night I dropped Corinne off at AWANA and went out to do a bit of Christmas shopping. I didn't find what I needed to find, but I did get Corinne a coat for this winter. I kept asking her opinions on coats, and she kept finding something wrong with the coats I was choosing. ("it's too brown, it looks funny right there, its too....") So, I picked one out by myself and then talked it up real big before I showed it to her. Voila. She loved it.


Lauren Snodgrass said...

Sounds like a productive weekend!! Scary that the window shattered! Glad nobody was hurt!

Crystal said...

post photos of the computer cabinet! :)