Thursday, October 07, 2010

25 reasons why I love Matt (not in any specific order)

  1. he can kick pretty much anyone's butt in ping pong
  2. he is really smart, and I think that's so cool
  3. his imagination is so creative
  4. he is the best dad I know. I couldn't have asked for a better man to father my girls
  5. he sacrifices eating at different places on the weekends so I can have Outback Steakhouse
  6. he will run to Sonic at 9:3o to grab me a jr. burger
  7. he gives me very long back rubs
  8. he has nice bicep definition
  9. he has an interesting quirk for loving used to bother me, but now I like it.
  10. he cleans my long hair out of the shower drain, because I don't like to touch it
  11. he changes diapers. some dads out there don't do that
  12. he recognizes when I need a break, and will take the girls to the park to give me some alone time
  13. every once in a while, he'll call me "queen"
  14. he loves Christ, and desires to serve Him first
  15. he tries to imitate my sense of humor. still hasn't figured it out, but he still tries :)
  16. he isn't materialistic.
  17. he's be just as happy with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for supper as he would a steak dinner
  18. he's into politics, and apologetics, and cool stuff like that that is way over my head
  19. he takes care of all our finances, he has never led me to ever worry about money
  20. every once in a while on a Saturday, he'll clean the house. that is so nice for me.
  21. every once in a while he will take me to pick out a new shirt from the GAP
  22. he will always be quick to give me a "handicap" or the upper hand
  23. he doesn't get on to me or complain if the house isn't clean
  24. he is one of the few "cool" enginerds
  25. he loves kids. he had me sold on our first date when he ditched me to play backgammon with a kid instead of pay attention to me.


Trina said...

This was sweet and made my heart happy. You do have a wonderful man. I might need to copy this blog idea.

Crystal said...

So sweet. You guys are perfect for each other!

Marcia said...

Pretty nice list! Way to go Matt, and good for you, Jenny for identifying and appreciating him!