Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Corinne said...

Corinne has said some pretty funny things recently.
I'll share a couple with you here-

If any of you have spent enough time with Corinne, you know that she swings her legs. It's a habit she's had since she was about 8 months old. She sits in a chair, holds on to the chair rails or something in front of her, and intently swings her legs back and forth. Matt and I have really been trying to break her of this habit as it completely distracts her and leaves her in a trance. I think Audie has heard us keep telling her to quit swinging her legs a lot, and the other day, Audie took the liberty to tell Corinne to quit swinging her legs.

I'm not sure whether Corinne was really swinging her legs or not, but she reported to me that Audie told her not to do it, and Corinne didn't like that very much.

Corinne came to me and said, "Mom, Audra said I was swinging my legs. She thinks she's a parent!"
And today we were out for a few errands and I stopped into GAP to return some shirts I bought that didn't fit. We ventured over to GAP kids while we were there, and started doing some browsing. A lady that worked there came up and told us about the sales going on, and of course, tried to get us to apply for a GAP credit card. After her spiel on all of the "great deals" we could take advantage of, she asked Corinne what her name was.

Corinne replied: "Amanda."

What was I supposed to do at that point?! I didn't want to embarrass Corinne by correcting her, so I let it go. But inside I was laughing very hard, and actually had to walk away so I could let out the laughter. She said "Amanda" so confidently. She said it like it has been her name for the last 4 years.

When we walked out of the store, I asked Corinne why she told the lady her name was Amanda. She said that she wished her name was Amanda. I guess everyone at some point has wished they had a different name. And Corinne has every right to want to be an Amanda...the Amanda she knows is a 15 year old girl that is so beautiful and takes time out just for Corinne, why wouldn't she want to be named Amanda?

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Trina said...

I love Corinne. She is hilarious. Although..I am a bit offended she didn't say her name was Trina...

:P Teeeheeee