Wednesday, September 29, 2010

8 weeks

Here is a pic of my baby belly at 8 weeks. Pretty cute, huh?
The belly I mean, not my face....I really debated cropping off my head, but I thought it would be fair for you all to see what I feel/look like by the time 9pm rolls around.
belly enlarged due to shrimp**

I keep getting comments on how big my belly already is. However, I am
putting out a (**)disclaimer that the above picture may not be my belly's actual size. This picture was taken after Matt and I had dinner with some friends at Red Lobster. October is Unlimited Shrimp month, and I partook in several "refills" of shrimp.

I am starting to feel a little bit better day by day. My house has suffered terribly due to my lack of energy, I kinda feel like calling my mom and begging her to come clean it for me. I keep the living room, the kitchen, and the hall bathroom clean, but the doors to the other rooms stay closed.

Matt and I still need to discuss if we will be finding out the sex. I don't want to, he does. Usually we solve our difference of opinions with Rock Paper Scissors, but I don't think I want to throw something with this much abundance to the gods of chance. We'll keep you posted on our decision.


Trina said...

Hey..maybe this afternoon I can help you clean. I forgot about that after the way Wes has been acting. We'll see how he's doing..and I'll let you know.

Anonymous said...

Jenny: Cute. Boy or Girl will
be OK as another GREAT for us.

Crystal said...

You are TOO cute!