Wednesday, September 08, 2010


Happy 4th Birthday Corinne!

Today has been a pretty good day. We got up and had breakfast as usual. I asked Corinne to get dressed in the new outfit I got her for her birthday, and of course...she didn't like the shorts. So, bribery showed up, and I made deals with her that I would get her ice cream and chocolate if she would wear them and take good birthday pictures. She agreed and did a great job with the pics.
It rained quite hard right before we took the pictures, and then the sun came out! It was perfect! I wish I could have gotten Corinne to keep from squinting in the above pictures, but her little sister was down by the lake trying to talk to the ducks that were in it, and I couldn't concentrate on getting a good picture. I was calling Audie back from the water, and she wasn't doing a good job of obeying. So, needless to say, we gave up on pictures pretty quick, and went to get our chocolate.

Corinne picked out blueberry gelato and a couple pieces of chocolate and we sat down to enjoy it. Angie, Amber, and Kelley at CD were (as always) so good and nice to us, and the gelato and chocolate were on the house.
Corinne picked Sonic for lunch, and then we joined Brenda during her lunch hour.
Tonight, we will go pick out a fish for her birthday present!

Happy Birthday, Corinne! Mom and Dad love you so much, you are so special to us!

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Lauren Snodgrass said...

Happy Birthday Corinne!