Wednesday, August 04, 2010

curlers and kitty cats

Who would have thought that as curly as my hair is, we'd have to put curlers in the girls' hair?
Last night Corinne asked me to put curlers in her hair (not a rare occasion), and Audie decided she wanted her hair in curlers too. I love my girls.

This little girl loves her (wait, this used to be my cat) kitty cat. We're lucky Zona is so tolerant of Corinne. The picture above is typical of every day. Corinne carries Zona around like this, spins her around, jumps with her and falls down on her. Not to mention pulling Zona up on her lap, petting her fur with force, squeezing Zona tightly while clenching her teeth saying "Zonie, Zonie, you're a good cat. Zonie, I love you. Oh Zona, oh Zona."
Who knows, maybe Zona likes the attention. She will jump to Corinne's lap and make herself comfortable. She doesn't try to squirm away when Corinne is squeezing her. Zona takes it all like a champ.
Zona is still my cat. Matt reminds me of that quite frequently. But I'm glad her and Corinne have become such good buddies.

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meg said...

zona's face in this pic is hilariously annoyed.