Tuesday, January 19, 2010

We haven't had any HUGE events going on, so I thought I'd post a few pictures of what we have been up to the last couple of weeks. While the weather has warmed up a tad, we still have stayed at home and done projects around the house. Matt has been working on his surround sound system and new TV, I have been doing more sewing projects. The girls are still keeping busy with their Christmas toys, and all in all it has been a good couple of weeks.

I was trying to come up with some new things for the girls to do. I had remembered in 3rd grade that our teacher would put shaving cream on our desks and allow us to play in it for a while. It was always so much fun. While that would have been too messy for the kids to do, I thought the idea of it would still hold. So, I taped some foil to the kitchen table, added some shaving cream and food coloring, then taped a layer of wax paper over that. Corinne drew pictures in the shaving cream with her finger. She really enjoyed it.
Cameron was over that day, and him and Audie weren't too into it.

Audie has been mastering the "double pacifier suck". We may have hard times ahead of us trying to wean her.

Mom came over one night last week and taught me and my friends Trina and Jamie how to knit. Notice my needles are empty? I had quite a hard time knitting. I couldn't get crocheting out of my head. I picked it up again though and things are looking better. I am hoping to knit a project before winter is over so I have something to show for it.

and my little boogie bottoms, as I like to call her, playing on the piano. She is such a nut and is a heartbreaker. The last month or two has been so enjoyable watching her learn new things. She sits on the counter (yes, send me to jail, I'm a horrible mom to let my kids on the counter) with me in the mornings while I get ready. She puts lotion on her face, brushes her teeth, and pretends to put deoderant on. She mimicked me this morning---when I put gel in my hair, I tip my head to the side so all of my strands of hair hang down and so I can reach the length of my hair from the side. Audie then pretended to squeeze gel out of the bottle, and she tipped her head and started acting like she was putting gel in her hair too. It was so cute...and scary to know how much she picks up from ordinary things we don't take a second thought about. :)


Anonymous said...

Jenny---Enjoyed the picks today.
Was good to see the girls, I was thinking it was about time for a few.

Leslie G said...

Reading this post with Cam in my lap- he got really excited when he saw himself and Aud. I asked "is that audie?" He said "ya!"