Friday, April 24, 2009

Thoughts from the mother of a 2 1/2 year old.

The last 2 weeks we have been potty training. Actually to be exact, we have been potty training for the last 10 months, But Corinne just hasn't been ready. 

Corinne does her own thing. She is independant and strong willed. Though, I never would have thought potty training would be this difficult.

Two weeks ago I took her to Wal-mart to let her pick out new panties. She chose Dora panties, and Minnie Mouse panties and was more than excited to put them on. I also let her pick out some reward candy from the checkout lane, she chose Skittles. The next day she wore her panties, and kept them dry for a few days! I thought we were in the clear...guess not. After about day 4 the excitement wore off, and I found myself replacing her panties several times a day.

Then, she started asking to wear diapers. I told her no, because she was a big girl and she wore panties now. She replied to me that she wasnt a big girl, and that she wasn't growing, and that she needed diapers. (Funny how this all reverses- when we get in the car, she says she is growing and too big for her carseat becasue she wants to sit in the front seat.)

Three days ago we woke up, I took her to the bathroom, put panties on her and then went to take a shower. When i got out of the shower, she had gotten herself dressed. I praised her for being so big, and doing it on her own- come to find out, while getting dressed she had taken off her panties and put a diaper on herself. That was quite a fight undoing that situation.

So now I have resorted to telling her that she cannot have a snack until she potties. She can't watch Veggie Tales until she potties, she can't go outside to play until she potties. She has given up all of those royalties in order to not have to go to the bathroom.

This morning she wanted a snack. I told her she couldnt have one until she went to the bathroom. She didn't go for an hour and a half. And as I was putting Audie down for her morning nap, I hear a pitter patter of feet go into the bathroom, flip the light on, move the step stool across the floor, the rustle of getting on the potty, and the sound of tinkle. The toilet flushes, the candy drawer opens and closes, and the light flips off. Not a peep of telling me she had to go, not a peep of telling me she went. She did it all by herself. Go figure.

Not trying to be negative here, but I don't predict the above act to stay. I know Corinne. Although she is a creature of habit, she keeps me on my toes with what she will do next.

The question is, what will I do next?

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Leslie G said...

By the time Cam is ready to be potty trained, you'll be a pro. So can I just let you train him?