Saturday, November 01, 2008


This year Halloween was last minute. We weren't going to take Corinne trick or treating, but then realized she'd be missing out on a new experience. So the day of Halloween I was trying to think of a costume Corinne could wear that wouldn't require a lot of effort. So I decided to make her into a parrot using Audra's chili pepper costume that we used for the Chili cookoff. It obviously was a little small, so we turned it around, and I attached feathers to the sleeves using some fabric I had downstairs, wrapped yarn around the "stem" of the chili pepper, and added some eyes.

She kept stepping on the tail. And Audra peeked her way into the picture

Matt was the one to take her around the neighborhood. He said she wouldn't say anything when people answered the door, but once they closed the door and started walking again, she said "Next house!"

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