Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Crossmen Drum Corp

Earlier this week we heard about a drum corp presentation. We were actually able to watch the drum corp practice (after a long avenue of getting there)
Here's the story:
Alison, Kameron, and I show up at the stadium of where the drum corp is supposed to be practicing. As we are walking in the stadium, a man walked out and asked us what we were here for. "The drum presentation.", I replied. He said "Oh, ok, just making sure we weren't crazy." There were about 15 cars in the parking lot, but no drums, no muscians were anywhere to be found. Ali had the idea that it might be at Central High school's stadium, so we told the man we'd go check it out and see if that's where it was instead. So the 3 of us hop in the car and drive down the street several blocks to the practice stadium. Whaddya know!? There are all the busses, the drums and instruments there in the parking lot. So we quickly drove back to inform the people that we were at the wrong place, it was actually at Central's practice stadium.

By the time we pull up, several more cars have shown up, and there are people sitting in the stands already. The mans wife was by the gate and asked us what we had found out. We told her that we had seen the busses at the Central high schools field, and that's where it was! She rushed in to tell her husband the news and tell the others in the stands that we were all at the wrong place.
At this point in time, it's about 25 mins past when the presentation was supposed to start. The drum corp was running very late. but we were on our way to the correct place to see them perform! "We're heroes!" I told the kids, as we were driving to Central's stadium. "All those people would have missed out if we hadn't of checked!"
So we pull up and park, find our seats in the bleachers and wait.
About 5 mins later, one of the drummers walks up and says, "are you here for the presentation? It is actually at a stadium down the street. we practiced here today, but we are presenting it at the other stadium." Oh my word. my heart sunk. I just told everyone THERE that it was HERE, and all those cars are on their way. We weren't heroes anymore.

So we went to Wendy's and hid out for a while

And finally made it to the practice presentation! It was incredible!!

This is the lady I'd like to be. Conducting the entire band. I've always thought it'd be fun to be a conductor.

a video of one of the segments the percussion did. Incredible!!

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