Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I got to sing to Corinne with my guitar
for the first time out of the womb

Our very first walk around the block in the new stroller
Grandma and Grandpa Myers bought us!
Time seems to be flying by so fast. The tiny little girl we brought home from the hospital just over two weeks ago has already gotten bigger! We are having so much fun and can't get enough of her. God is so good!


Arlen & Cynthia said...

I looooooove the picture of you playing for your beautiful little girl! Remember all the times I'd go grab you to "please come and play" :)
I'm so glad you have a blogspot!!! It went into our favorites list. it'll be woderful for these two little girls to meet eachother some day.

Anonymous said...

Great pics and stories. Thanks! Kelli B. forwarded me the link. Congrats to both of you. Would love to see you all some day! Maybe we'll have to come to Wichita to see all our friends there.

We're in Camdenton, MO now, so not that far away. It's great. I miss wonderful Waukesha, but this is good too.

Anyway, love to all of you. We love and miss you, Jenny! Janet W.