Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Corinne Grace
September 8, 2006
5:11 PM
7 pounds 1 ounce * 19 inches


Thursday, September 7th 9:00 pm...Full Moon-- Matt took off his watch and started timing contractions that were coming about 3 minutes apart for a long gruesome hour. Jenny walked the long rectangular basement family room to keep the pain at bay... "I think its going to be soon" Jenny told Matt as they started to get excited, thinking of all the wonderful things that were coming, how they would be seeing their new daughters face after waiting 9 months in anticipation. Dark skin like her mommy? Curly hair like her mommy? Detatched or attached earlobes?... as mom's are attatched and dad's are not.
To make the time go by quicker, Matt and Jenny decided to play a game of ping pong before heading to the hospital. They got about two rounds in before Jenny couldn't take it anymore and said "Let's go!"
So off in the car they went, arriving at St. Joe hospital's Emergency Room. After filling out a few pieces of paperwork, they pushed Jenny in a squeaky wheelchair to the fourth floor. After being changed into a breezy gown, the resident doctor came in to check-- "I'd say about 1 to 1 1/2 centimenters dialated".... Progress from the day before at the doctors office, but still not what Jenny and Matt wanted to hear. That's quite a ways to go. The doctor told them they could walk the halls for a while and see if anything changes, or go home and try to get some rest. They chose option two, and were on their way home. "A full moon. She was supposed to be born tonight" Matt said.
Stepping back into their cozy home, Jenny took two Benadryl per the nurse hoping to get some rest. Think again. The Benadryl did nothing, so from about 12 am to 7 am Jenny was up, pacing the house with pain, trying to get rest on the couch, the bed, in the bathtub, the rocking chair, sitting, standing, squatting, on all fours...nothing worked to ease up the cramping pain. Jenny went into the master bedroom at about 7:15 to wake Matt and say "Matt your not going to work this morning, take me to the doctor!" Matt jumped in the shower and got dressed and they jumped in the car hoping to get an early appointment. They got into to see the doctor and were relieved to find out that Jenny was dialated to a 7! "See you guys at the hospital later today" said Dr. Crook.

Off they went to the hospital, making phone calls to parents and friends letting them know today would be the day! Jenny got checked in again at around 9 am and they were sent to the delivery room to get informed of everything that would be happening that day. Still dialated to a 7 after being checked again at the hospital, Matt and Jenny had in the back of their minds that they would be seeing their beautiful, little girl early afternoon. (The room nurse had informed them that usually women dialate about one centimeter per hour.)

Around 11:30, a man wearing green scrubs named Gene came into give Jenny her spinal block. Jenny had asked Matt to read from the Psalms while she was getting the long needle stuck in her back to take her mind off of what was going on behind her. Matt started reading, and about the time that the needle was being stuck into her spine, Matt read something about hail stones and fire. Hello! Where are the verses about being led by still waters, or the Lord delivering me from my fears?

Noon- Jenny is feeling pretty good, but still no change in dialation...which means no baby.

So they waited. And waited and waited.

2:00 dialated to 8 1/2. Progress!!! While being checked Jenny's water broke...Yes! That's a good sign its getting close too!

Jenny decided to try to get some rest as she had a marathon to run later that day.

After a few more hours, the doctor came in and said she was dialated to 10. Let the games begin!

Funny, but the easiest part of the day for Jenny was the delivery. She knew that in the next 10 to 15 minutes she would have a little girl in her arms and all of the pain of the last two days would be forgotten. So off she went, pushing in sets of 3 for 10 seconds, her husband Matt and best friend Emily cheering her on at her right side. After 5 sets, at 5:11 pm on Friday Sept. 8, Corinne Grace Myers came into the world taking her first breath- weighing 7 pounds 1 ounce and measuring at 19 inches. Matt stood in awe at the tiny hands waving around and Jenny broke down into tears. Their little girl was finally here. Perfect. Beautiful. Better than they could have ever imagined. Ten fingers, Ten toes, a full head of dark brown hair. Time seemed to stop. This was a time they would never forget.

A first look

Matt was overtaken by his new daughter

Grandpa and Grandma and Aunt Leslie

Emily was with me the whole time!

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